EnOcean’s new ?Swiss knife“ for smart buildings and the Internet of Things

Also available as white label version EMSI.

The new EnOcean multisensor module is the true all-round talent among energy harvesting wireless sensors. In the remarkably small, standardized PTM form factor, it delivers data for multiple applications in digitized buildings and the IoT. It has dedicated sensors for temperature, humidity, illumination, acceleration and a magnet contact (status open/closed). The integrated solar cell generates all the energy required for its operation – both measurement and data communication. The harvested energy is stored internally to ensure that it works even when no light is available. The multisensor has an NFC interface, which makes it easy to configure and operate using an NFC reader, smartphone or tablet.

5 in 1 – the multisensor integrates five different sensors in a very compact case:

Magnet contact

Attached to e.g. toilet doors, the magnet contact signals when a toilet is occupied or free (status open/closed). Adjust the cleaning according to usage. Save up to 30 % heating costs and align the status of the windows with the heating system.


The sensor measures accelerations of already 0.01 m/s2. Attached to e.g. a desk chair it indicates that the chair and thus the workstation is occupied. It also reports how often/ how long the workplace is used. The accelerometer also makes it easy to determine if/when an item has been moved.


The sensor monitors humidity to avoid mold in private homes or to support health recommendations in offices. The sensor measures humidity from 0 to 100 %.


Blind control, glare avoidance or cooling - integrate the multisensor into the building automation system and let e.g. the blinds shut automatically. The sensor measures light intensities between 0 and 65,000 lux.


Ensure a feel-good temperature to increase productivity in the office and comfort at home (e.g. sleep temperature). The sensor measures temperatures between -20° and +60° Celsius.

There are many different use cases for the multisensor. We are surprised again and again by the ideas of our customers which opportunities the product offers. Contact us and let us discuss how you can benefit the most from the capabilities of the multisensor. 

Key benefits

  • Self-powered via ambient indoor light – maintenance-free, no battery change required thanks to energy harvesting technology
  • One size fits all – easy product integration into different housing designs (Original PTM form factor)
  • Highly flexible, simply attach it where the data is required – on walls, ceilings, windows, doors, furniture, on active devices such as air-conditioning units, towel dispensers and valuable assets (printers, copiers, medical equipment and vending machines etc.)
  • Easy configuration via NFC reader or EnOcean Tool App
  • Seamless integration into smart systems due to wireless communication based on open standards (EnOcean; Bluetooth?)
  • Reports on internal energy level and the amount of light available at the solar cell
  • One sensor equals a basket of metadata for highly efficient building automation, smart home, IoT (e.g. space optimization management, digitized facilities services, predictive, maintenance, activity measurement, artificial intelligence)
  • AES-128 security

The multisensor is available for the EnOcean wireless standard and for Bluetooth? systems.

The multisensor from EnOcean is available in two different versions. You can choose between the module STM 550 or the white label version EMSI. 

Module STM 550

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White label – EMSI

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"The self-powered multisensor supports our idea of a comprehensive house automation concept outstandingly. Thanks to its flexible use, we can detect a wide range of situations and are able to let corresponding scenarios and reactions of the building automation take place. The smooth integration via Bluetooth fits perfectly into our strategy of a simple and intuitive installation."

Stephan D?rrschuck, CEO of Heinrich Kopp GmbH

“We are delighted to announce the integration of EnOcean’s Bluetooth multi-sensor to our Proxima Bluetooth sensory networks. Our Proxima sensors provide organizations with an unparalleled level of insight, including occupancy, illuminance, temperature, people and asset tracking, as well as Apple iBeacon and Google Eddystone messaging. We believe the integration of Prolojik Proxima and the EnOcean multi-sensor delivers users a unique level of insight into how their spaces are used.”

Asela Rodrigo, Managing Director, Prolojik

Video EnOcean Multisensor

Have a look at the Multisensor video. It gives you a perfect impression of what this true all-round talent can do for you.

Introduction of the new multisensor

In this tutorial you will see how to commission EnOcean NFC devices with the app EnOcean Tool. Download the app on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

In the recorded webinar we will show you, among other things, which data the multisensor collects and how you can interpret them.